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Plant-based meat has gained immense popularity over recent years, as it offers similar nutritional properties along with the meaty taste and flavor of real meat products.  This factor has pushed the growth of the soy protein market.  Experts anticipate further growth over the coming years.

Texturized soy protein is widely used to manufacture plant-based meat, as it offers a meat-like texture and taste, along with the essential amino acids to plant-based meat.

According to a recent report, North America and Europe, together, have been identified as the largest consumers of soy protein across the globe, accounting for more than 65% share of the global soy protein market.

The surge in demand recently put a strain on food processors and manufacturers who had to deal with longer lead times, and supply shortages as they produced the plant-based meat products consumers require.  For many processors, this could bring production to a halt.

Essex has strong partnerships with many suppliers of soy protein products and were aware of the pain point the market shortage could create for our customers.  We immediately began sourcing alternative products that would meet our customers’ requirements.

A long-time customer of Essex that produces plant-based meatballs was facing critical shortages soy protein.  This ingredient was key to their plant-based meatball product. Our teams were monitoring the situation and began identifying solutions to bring to the customer, who was still unaware of the issue.

Essex analyzed all the products available and identified a different soy protein that offered the same grind size and functionality that this meatball formula required.  Essex stocked this product regularly, had all the necessary documentation ready, and could accommodate the customer’s requirements regardless of market shortages.

When we met with the customer to make them aware of the shortage, we were prepared with the solution that would keep their production on schedule.  The customer moved to the new product with no disruptions.

Essex Food Ingredients prides itself on our long-standing relationships with our suppliers and customers. Our unique perspective allows us to understand market trends and help our customers adjust when it matters most!  Our strong connections in the supply chain brings an ability to source ingredients fast, and provide the solutions that keep businesses running.

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