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Essex Keeps Production On Schedule During Holiday Season For National Confectioner

It takes a lot of planning and preparation for companies to meet consumer demand. That effort is multiplied for the holidays. From festively decorated packaging, to new, limited-edition flavors, food manufacturers rely on many resources and coordinate numerous vendors to get their products into consumers’ hands during these special times.

It is reported that confectioners start preparing for Halloween two years in advance. In general, a year to develop the product, and a year to secure high-quality ingredients, manufacture and ship, in time for the holiday.

While a year may seem like a long time to consumers, food manufacturers know a lot can happen in that time. There are more than 1,000 candy manufacturing sites in the US, all vying for the ingredients that comprise the candies children (and adults!) dream of devouring. An unexpected delay in the supply chain can yield hefty consequences. Manufacturers need suppliers that partner with them to meet their business objectives and deadlines.

Recently, a National confectioner preparing for Halloween faced a critical delay of a key ingredient, which would have jeopardized their ability to produce one of their most popular truffles and fulfill holiday orders. This truffle utilizes a specific salt in the filling that could not be substituted, as it was key to the product’s flavor and texture. The confectioner could not risk a change to the formula.

They were notified by their normal supplier that the salt had a 4-week delay in shipping, which would potentially put their production one month behind schedule and millions of dollars at stake.

Desperate to find a supplier that had enough of the salt to keep production running, the confectioner contacted Essex Food Ingredients.

It only took one call to Essex to secure the two truckloads the confectioner needed! Essex had plenty of the salt in stock, available to ship. The confectioner placed a purchase order, and Essex did the rest! Before the end of the week, the confectioner had the salt on-site when production began.

Your deadlines are too important to risk. Don’t get caught off guard.

Essex Food Ingredients has many of the most sought-after ingredients in-stock and ready to ship. We own our own trucks! We can ship next day to many destinations along the East Coast and New England. Additionally, we have long-standing relationships with the top ingredient manufacturers in the industry. We can save you time when sourcing the hard-to-find ingredients for your next formulations.

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