Solving Supply Issues and Making Business Easier

A national manufacturer of nutritional purees ran into supply issues for a non-dairy creamer ingredient used in their puree line. See how Essex was able to solve their supply issues as well as deliver the ingredients with the same minimums and at the same price!

Choosing healthy foods with good flavor and texture is sometimes a challenge. For those with Dysphagia, a sometimes painful impairment in the ability to swallow, the challenges are intensified. The condition requires a specialized diet that necessitates foods and beverages to be of different textures in order to make them easier to chew, move around in the mouth, and swallow, while also reducing the risk of aspiration and choking.

For one National manufacturer of nutritional purees, these textures could not come at the cost of flavor. For nearly 75 years, this family-owned company has prided itself on providing top-notch, great tasting foods for their customers. They choose ingredients that Dysphagia patients require for both nutritional benefits and for their appetizing flavor. Recently, they ran into supply issues for a non-dairy creamer ingredient that provides creamy notes to a gravy that is used in their puree line. They were working with a distributor to get the ingredient but found the relationship to be difficult and strained. They were transitioned frequently between new sales representatives, given new order minimums and lead times, and some sales representatives were not responsive with information.

For other needs of the company, the processor was working with Essex to source their ingredients. They reached out to us after enjoying much success working together over the years. They hoped Essex would be able to source and supply the non-dairy creamer and provide minimal disruption to their production plan. After receiving the request, it didn’t take long have an ideal solution in place. Essex enjoys long-standing relationships with more than 200 food ingredient manufacturers. Our team reached out to the ingredient manufacturer the same day! We were given information on the non-dairy creamer and were able to provide this to the customer at the same price!

In less than a week, we began setting up an agreement with both the customer and the supplier. Within a month – well before the customer needed the ingredient in-house – they no longer had to shoulder the burden of a difficult supplier. They now rely on Essex to supply this critical ingredient, as well as many other ingredients they utilize in their formulations. They can make 1 call, place 1 order, and have the many ingredients on hand, when they need them! The ease of doing business with Essex has allowed them to eliminate a vendor to order from and process payments for.

“We had dealt with multiple different companies over the years that got bought out. Each time, there’s a new salesperson, a new customer service rep, and new accounting departments which need to set up our account again, new minimums and new lead times. This last change just wasn’t handled properly. We already have a relationship with Essex. We can eliminate a vendor to order from and process payments. It just made sense all around.”

President, Nutritional Purees Manufacturer

You Can Focus On What You Do Best: Growing Your Business

Essex is the ideal partner for food manufacturers and processors who want to preserve their reputation for great tasting products. Using us as your food ingredient distributor allows you to focus on what you do best: Growing your business! Let us source your ingredients, secure forecasted inventories, process multiple invoices, and manage & build relationships with ingredient manufacturers while YOU develop the products consumers demand.

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Our staff of industry experts and position in the supply chain, paired with our strong relationships with the industry’s top ingredient manufacturers allow us to source your ingredients – even the most hard-to-find ingredients – quicker than anyone. The same position allows us to create warehousing and logistics plans that work for your operational priorities. We have low minimum order quantities which will allow you to only order what you need, and develop a plan for future shipments, when you need them.